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Tiltakozunk Észak-Szíria török megszállása és általában a háború ellen

We oppose the invasion of Northern Syria by Turkey and the war in general

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Between the 18th and 19th of January 2018 Erdogan’s regime officially launched its military operation (called Olive Branch) to invade the northwestern parts of Syria (Aleppo Governorate).  According to statements by the Turkish government, high-ranking army officials and government-related media, the aim of the operation is to liberate the population of these areas from the repression of oppressive political organizations. Behind the spurious and deceitful reasoning lies the ruling (AKP) party’s own interest of intimidating political opponents, subduing them by using mere force and solidifying its position within domestic politics (see the undermining of the continuation of peace talks with the PKK – Kurdistan Workers Party –, or the ongoing repression of members of HDP, the pro-minority rights party etc.)

Erdogan’s regime claims that the main political organizations of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, which are struggling to build a new political system based on elements of direct democracy and a social economy, are directly linked to the PKK which in Turkey is considered to be a terrorist organization. The leftist political representation of northern Syrian Kurds, their delegation assemblies, their military alliance – the SDF which comprises Kurdish, Assyrian and Arab units – are willingly confused by Turkish authorities with terrorist organizations currently active in Syria (like ISIL, or Tahrir al-Sham). The regime’s intentions are crystal clear: the so-called „Olive Branch” operation is an unscrupulous and murderous governmental tool that is meant to destroy the nascent democratic political system of the region, the nation-state’s biggest opponent and fear, which is the democratic confederation. There are no guarantees regarding the future of the political organizations of the federation (PYD, SDF, Tev-Dem, etc.), but the present system with its communal assemblies and the municipalist practices of its urban settlements is the only one that has proved able of building something innovative and progressive in spirit within a state of war and amidst authoritarian regimes –  regarding the relentless endeavor of the people who toil to consolidate their new system, we take the following positions:

  • we strongly condemn the invading military operations launched by the Turkish army and its Syrian allies, which is essentially the manifestation of the imperative of continuous expansion characteristic to capital and centralized power structures – engaging in a state of war is the most destructive form of the inherent colonizing and homogenizing tendencies of the nation-state.
  • we strongly condemn the war itself, which is always offensive in nature and is the expression of some particular conflict of interest and/or interest of the ruling classes or of democratically unaccountable organizations (secret services, militias, deep state, companies etc.). Its consequences are division, destruction and renewal by gaining more wealth of the victorious capitalist institutions – since the multitude or the people will be coerced to pay the perpetrators for the reconstruction of their own country, while the conquerors will continue to reestablish their own influence over them by obstructing any attempt for social justice, an inclusive politics or establishing and expanding new democratic models of decision-making.
  • we strongly condemn all governmental tactics that render long-term mutual trust and reliance on social cooperation impossible: the acceleration processes of social stratification, all past, present and future compromises or arrangements in the name of political „pragmatism” which eventually will influence growing class divisions.
  • we strongly condemn the silence of the so-called international community [USA, EU, Russia, Iran] behind which lies their multiple complicity of dividing up Syria as their colony.

The signatories of this statement express their solidarity with the inhabitants, victims and with those who are resisting within the areas under siege, Afrin, Sehba and Manbij, and with the masses of the internally displaced and refugees.

Photo: Kömüves Dániel. The Pécsi Akciócsoport raising awarness about the multiple invasion of Syria at Széchenyi square (Thursday)


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