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Reproduktív munka és nőmozgalom – Fordulat 24. lapszámbemutató és vita


Fordulat issue 24. launch + debate

Part 1 of the discussion series Beyond representation? – Social marginality, arts and movements

April 2nd, 6 pm, tranzit.ro
Coordinated by: Bíró Noémi and Gegő Virág

[Magyar változat az első oldalon.]

Social reproduction or reproductive work means the reproduction of life and encompasses activities done primarily by women, such as childbirth, child rearing, care work, etc., which, in the capitalist logic of production, coincide with the reproduction of labor. Reproductive work is therefore a prerequisite for capitalist production, but it is also subordinated to it: in the logic of production the activities of the reproductive sphere are defined as informal work, and women are used as cheap labor or cheap resource in the reproduction of the workforce.

Further relations between capitalism and the social subordination of women, further specified in the Central-Eastern European context, can also be approached through the concept of neoliberal neopatriarchy. In this context, inequalities between women and men are reinforced by the moral-economic-political belief set of neoliberalism, and its interaction with the right-wing family policies generates additional forms of repression.

What are the specific aspects of reproductive work in Romania and Hungary? Why is reproductive work unrepresentable, ie why does women’s political representation (quota, wages, gender mainstreaming) not solve the problem? How does right-wing discourse relate to this question? What kind of social movements have attempted to make the reproductive work visible?

Fanni Dés – Doctoral School of Sociology, Corvinus University of Budapest
Réka Geambașu – Department of Sociology and Social Work in Hungarian, Babeş-Bolyai University
Kathrin Sharon Jemeljanov, Zoltán Sidó, Liza Szabó – Editors of Issue 24 of Fordulat

Moderator: Noémi Bíró

Address: tranzit.ro/Cluj
Napoca street (Jókai u.) 16, I. floor
Cluj, Romania