Elég volt a Tönnies rendszeréből! – szolidaritási akció

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Stop the Tönnies system!

Call for demonstration, Friday 11.9. 2020 in Düsseldorf

Against the exploitation of humans, animals and the environment!
We’re fed up with the mess of industrial meat production!
Corona has shown: in the end it will hit us all!
Put an end to the NRW sympathy towards criminal entrepreneurs!

We are a broad coalition of local residents, environmental and climate activists, labor and civil rights activists, union members and animal rights activists. We will demonstrate together on Friday, September 11th, 2020 from 6 p.m. in Düsseldorf.

Shortly before the municipal elections in North Rhine-Westphalia on Sunday, September 13, 2020, we call on:
Do not vote for any parties or candidates who hang out with Tönnies and the like!

Our demands are:

  • Force Tönnies and the like to pay consistently! No aid and rescue funds for exploiters, fraudsters and systematic corona spreaders!
  • Unreserved investigation and prosecution of bogus work contracts, social security fraud, rent usury, wage robbery, workers council oppression and other offenses.
  • Consistent enforcement of general contractor liability. No more the principle of Pontius Pilate (“I wash my hands in innocence”)! General contractors are responsible for the conditions of their sub-contractors.
  • Dry up the criminogenic entrepreneurial swamp! No more impunity and legal nihilism! End the toleration of legal violations in favor of the animal industry – by authorities – also through systematic undersupply of staff and equipment.
  • Away with collective accommodation and overcrowded shacks! Decentralized adequate housing for migrant workers!
  • Democratic working conditions! Immediate termination of slave-like employment! It is not enough to relabel bogus work contracts to temporary work or to set a time limit for no reason. We demand permanent positions, works council elections, collective agreements.
  • Back payment of stolen wages! Compensation payments to the workers for years of injustice and suffering!
  • Consistent animal protection and environmental protection! No more food production based on animal suffering! Put an end to the contamination of rivers and groundwater!
  • Stop wasting taxes! No subsidies from municipal and state budgets, from state and EU funds for investments in favor of the slaughterhouse-corporations such as Tönnies, Vion, Westfleisch, PHW, Danish Crown etc. (e.g. for motorway and rail links)!
  • Expropriate Tönnies and Co! For an exit from the animal industry! The slaughter plants of Tönnies and the like are not to operable in an ecological, socially acceptable and sustainable manner. The same applies to rearing and fattening farms. Sustainable economic activity means: the socialization of the meat companies and the conversion of the plants to ecologically compatible and solidarity food production facilities.
  • No more price and wage dumping in food production. Instead: adequate, sustainable conditions for farmers!
Signatory groups


  • action ./. injustice at work
  • Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA)
  • Asociația Comunitară a Romilor din Coastei
  • BUND Burgenlandkreis
  • Bündnis Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie
  • Bündnis gegen die Tönnies-Erweiterung 
  • Freie Arbeiter*innen Union (FAU, Syndikate Bonn + Bielefeld)
  • Fridays For Future Münster
  • Labornet Germany
  • Solidarische Aktion Duisburg 
  • Tear Down Tönnies


  • a szem [aszem.info]
  • Blocul pentru Locuire
  • Căși Sociale ACUM!/Social Housing NOW!
  • Colectiva Autonomă Macaz
  • Colectiva Urzica
  • Dezarticulat
  • DO — Dreptul la Oraș
  • DREPT pentru îngrijire
  • EPL — Editura Pagini Libere
  • E-Romnja
  • Frontul Comun pentru Dreptul la Locuire
  • GAP — Gazeta de Artă Politică
  • LeneșxRadio
  • Mad Pride România
  • Mâna de Lucru
  • MAHALA — Comunitatea Muncitorilor Militanți
  • Asociația Quantic
  • România — Țara Muncii Ieftine (ROTMI)